Thought Bubble 2014 sketchlist

I've heard so many great things about Thought Bubble UK this year and I'm so thrilled to finally attend! Like many of the guests, I also did a piece for the Thought Bubble 2014 Anthology and the profits go to Barnardo's children's charity, so please pick up a copy at your local store or at the show.

The sketch list is now closed.

Hopefully I'll have time to do some more at the show, but for now I've got to cap the list. Thanks, everyone!

Since I rarely make it to the UK, I'd love to get as many of you a sketch as I can. I won't do a set number of pieces -- we'll just see how many I get done, hopefully 20 or more.  I'll be doing inked head shots only for $40 USD (or £25 GBP). If you'd like a sketch, come back here on November 7, at 12PM EST and comment on this post. Please include your email and your character request when you comment. Note: comments are disabled until the list opens.

Good luck and see you soon!